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Hi everyone! This is a short blog about my personal life and projects I develop and/or co-develop. I live in London, United Kingdom and co-develop many projects with another well trusted developer;  Zachary Diebold. Zachary is 15 and lives in Co. Dublin, Ireland. He and I started work on 3 very profound projects. There will be pages about these different projects.  We started all of these projects for different reasons. Read the project pages to find out why. 😀

One of these revolutionary projects is Gameulous.

We started this games website because many other popular games websites were either slow, or  the user experience was very poor. Gameulous is based on the very popular CMS WordPress™. We use a state of the art caching system, available on the WordPress™ Plugin Centre. We will be expanding Gameulous using a Content Delivery Network or may fully switch to Private Cloud Hosting. Gameulous is currently hosted on CloudFlux, their state of the art dedicated servers. We are hosted on one called Carbon. CloudFlux is owned by our lovely friend Luke Carrier. Luke has had some bad experiences, and he’s test driving CloudFlux. We love it, so try to get some free hosting at the least from him.


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